Coaching System and Online Diary

I choose the coaching system provided by It has my online diary, scorecard/stats traking system and a coaching/analysis programme built in. This gives my students the best before, during and after lesson experience possible. 

I have been using this great system since June 2012 and can honestly say it's taken what I offer my students to an even higher level.



The Shankygolf Academy is FREE for everyone. Move your golf game online and step up your game, follow your friends and work with me to improve your game using the latest technology. 

As a member, you will have access to:

  • Your own personal profile page

  • All your completed rounds

  • Your own easy to understand playing statistics

  • My online lesson diary which is available 24/7

  • Personal coaching notes, videos and homework

  • Follow your friends golf game

  • Challenging your golfing friends

  • Exclusive events and discount opportunities

  • Training and communicating through your smart phone

  • Full email support between lessons - I want to know how you are doing!


All this from the comfort of your own PC at home, your tablet or smart phone.

Modern golf coaching for all golfers has arrived. And it's yours for FREE.


Click here to register for your free acount and start your journey to better golf.


Remote Golf Lessons

A great feature of the Proagenda package is that you can have lessons from me no matter where you're from.


Using the 'Upload Media' option on the website or direct from the I-Golf Community iPhone app OR Android app you can have your swing clips professionally analysed including side by side comparison, lines, circles, slow motion and voice over. 


Simply take a video clip from either front on or down the line (behind) and I will send you a full analysis of your swing with suggested areas to work on. Ideally your clip should be of 2-3 swings and include your set up routine.


When taking videos please have the camera at approx waist height, directly inline with the centre of your body from front on and inline with your hands from down the line. This will ensure the best angles for the analysis process.


The cost for this service is £25 per video clip and can be purchased here


Analysis videos will be returned within 48 hours of your upload to me.


Click here for a full list of my online lesson prices

In person, online and live online lessons available

Please email me if you have any questions regarding lessons

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