Welcome to Shankygolf, the home of Shane Warren PGA Golf Professional


My aim is to help put the fun back into your golf and show you how simple it can be to improve and enjoy this great game even more.
To do this I use these tools to help me deliver easy to follow and understand lessons to all.
  • Foresight Sports GC2 Launch Monitor with HMT 
  • 2 x HD high speed cameras recording at 100fps
  • iPhone - 240fps and portable for on course training
  • Indoor studio 
  • Proagenda.com - The #1 Pro/Student system
  • Online support between lessons via Shankygolf members area
  • Training aids to help 'feel' the swing changes
  • 20+ years of coaching experience

You'll also be pleased to hear that the vast majority of my coaching is 'feel' based rather than position based! That way you'll be able to take the lesson straight out where it matters most (the course) without the need to put in hours and hours of practise!

Lessons Tailored To You

One of the biggest goals I have when working with any of my students is to bring out the best in them!


Therefore all lessons are 100% tailored to the individual needs of each person, with lots of discussion and planning, together as player and coach we decide  what path your golf will take and what methods we use to help you achieve your very best outcome.


Please contact me to discuss setting up your introductory lesson.

Shankygolf has a new home

From Monday 18th March 2019 I am the new Head PGA Professional

at Fynn Valley Golf Club. Click here to visit the Fynn Valley website

I have a studio at the driving range and continue to use the Foresight Sports GC2 + HMT launch monitor, FSX software along with 2 high speed (slow motion) cameras to help me give you the most informed lesson possible.

You can see real ball data and have the opportunity to play some of the top courses in my indoor coaching studio. Thanks to that and over 23 years of coaching experience you are in for a real treat at your next lesson.


One of the great things now is that you can use the very same ball you'd play with on the course so finding your distances has never been easier. We also get to see pure ball and club data that's not affected by the wind or adverse weather conditions.


If you've not yet experienced indoor golf you've been missing out - the game has been changed again!!


If you're a new customer to Shankygolf your first 1 hour session is at the intro rate of only £30  

In person, online and live online lessons available

Call or email Shane to discuss lesson options

+447771 365878, shane@shankygolf.com

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