Shankygolf LIVE Lessons

I have been offering online LIVE lessons since 2016 and it really is a great way to improve your game no matter where you are in the world.


Using a video call (Discord, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom etc) we can conduct a live lesson with realtime feedback wherever you are.


I am currently working with students in Canada, Australia, Sweden, America and I've even been sharing tips with someone in Norfolk!! All are enjoying great results.


This service also works great if you're away on a golf break & struggling with your game and need some urgent help.




Online lessons work with all abilities, from complete beginner to seasoned tour player so now there's no excuses for not improving your golf!


Please contact me for more info or to book your first session. 

It really is just as good as me being with you in person - please see the reviews below 

Online Lesson Prices

Swing videos/numbers review - £25
(This will come with an email outlining my advice to you and will also include a personal video outlining the changes required)


1 hour introductory lesson - £30

(Book your first 1 hour live lesson for this special rate and we will spend the whole hour working on 'your' swing)

£50 per hour or 6 x 1 hour sessions for £250(6for5)

Live lessons will come with email support between lessons should you need any questions answered.

If you would like to make a bespoke package or would like to discuss these in more detail then please feel free to contact me.

Online Lesson Testimonials

I'd like to share my great experience with Shanky (Shane).

I sent a few videos to shanky a few days ago to get his thoughts on my swing. We talked about what needed to be done over voice chat and he gave me some general feels I could try in order to get myself going in the right direction. I hit balls that night and even though I had an idea of what we were trying to do, some of his suggested feels weren't working so well for me. Keep in mind though, the motion I was trying to create was vastly different than my usual swing, and it was only my first day practicing. The next day we discussed my range session and I told him that a few of the feels he suggested just didn't fit for me. Didn't take long for him to suggest other things I could try to replicate the same moves he wanted me to make. I appreciated the fact that he was able to change things up for me in order to get me more comfortable. These new feels were instantly better for me.

At this point I was hitting the ball alot better already. My good shots have always been good, but my bad shots and even my normal shots aren't good enough. Shane wanted to see for himself so he suggested I bring my ipad in my simulator room and enable video streaming so he could see and talk to me at the same time. Let me tell you, it's fantastic stuff! It was like going to a lesson but not having to leave my house! Anyway, he spent a good 30 mins with me explaining what was going on, what misses I would see, and providing me multiple options I could try in order to get to where we wanted to be. I hit shots on the driving range and he could see the tracer on my shots, as well as get my gc2 data for whatever shot he wanted. It was really cool. I'm a bit sore from swinging a way I'm not used to, but I feel confident in what I'm doing because he did a great job in communicating what I need to do to get more consistent.

Great work Shane and thank you for your time! Looking forward to getting more lessons from you in the future!


Rick - Canada

Thanks to Shanky, purely based on my description of my problem, he instantly gave me a little fix that gave me superb results.

He has a fantastic understanding of the mechanics or the swing, but more importantly he tries to not change your swing, just make it work better for you, and through that gets you the results you want. 

Would highly recommend any of you with reoccurring problems have a chat, and ideally submit him a video. I'm sure you'll be happy with what he has to offer.


John  - Norfolk UK

Wanted to also report my work with Shane (Shankygolf). I've been struggling horribly for some time now and had even considered giving things a break. I'd tried to work with an "unnamed" online lesson company for a while but was seeing zero progress and really didn't even understand why they were telling me what they were telling me. I've been playing golf a long time and I need to be sold to make a change, not just instructed to do so - I need the "Why?"

Shane has provided the "Why? without me even asking. His teaching style is very different than what I've been exposed to and much more fit to what I need. He's not concerned with positions as the positions should be the result of new feelings and motions. He's triggered a change in my swing that I can now feel and results have already started. 

I recently broke 80 at East Lake under incredibly tough conditions and had one of the best ball striking rounds I've had in years. I've played there twice prior and under much easier conditions (short rough, not tour green speeds) couldn't break 80. If I would have hit the ball there with my "normal" swing with the rough as long as it was i would have struggled breaking 90. Instead I hit several very straight drives and even hit a few pulls (which I never ever do) so I know we're onto something. I hit probably 6 or 7 shots that literally blew my mind (and those of my playing partners) and if I could have putted well (not used to 12 stimp) there's no doubt I could have been in the mid-70's at the worst. I highly recommend taking advantage of his services and donating to the cause! Thanks Shanky. I look forward to continuing our work as I know I have a long way to go but for the first time (in a very long time) I can't wait for what is coming! Golf is fun again!


Brent - USA

Shane you are the man!!!
How you managed to see the problem in the bad quality wrong angle video I sent you is beyond me.

Thank you!


Davor - Sweden


Yesterday I posted a video of my golf swing for Shane to take a look at and last night he got back to me and we reviewed the video together. We had had a couple of back and forth PM's prior to that where Shane agreed I was cluttering my mind with too many swing thoughts. I also get very analytical which I think is a double edged sword in this game as once I find something that works I seem to move onto the next thing which can sometimes undo previous progress in certain areas.

The first thing Shane wanted to address was his suspicion that I had injury issues in my left elbow area. When I pointed out I suffered from tennis elbow there he wasn't surprised. It turns out Shane had noticed my left arm at address bends beyond straight and my elbow is pointing backwards rather than towards the target. He mentioned a condition known as hypermobility syndrome which is where joints can move beyond their normal range. He had me perform a quick test and low and behold my arms go past being straight! I've never been diagnosed with this condition but years ago a GP once told me I was 'double jointed' and that I had a mixture of tight and very loose tendons. At this point I was beyond impressed, not only that he wanted to make injury prevention the priority, but that he had quickly spotted something that a number of golf pros have never noticed before. So with a quick fix there we moved onto the swing.

In an ideal world, if I could ask for one thing, I would ask for a single, simple swing thought which is easy to achieve and yet sorts a number of issues with my swing and yields excellent results, then that would be it. Before yesterday I would have said that is just a dream. Well perhaps that is exactly was Shane gave me during our online lesson. It's too early to talk about results and only time will tell but I do think we might be onto something here. For someone who normally has such a cluttered mind during the swing simply being able to drop all of that distraction should work wonders. He's given me a check point of having the feeling of getting the left shoulder across to cover the right knee at the top of the backswing. This should prevent my head sliding towards the target and will also prevent my spine leaning towards the target, both during the backswing. This will prevent the reverse pivot and casting the club. I also expect this to get my right knee moving the correct way as well although Shane didn't mention this. I got the impression that there was a list of 'issues' that Shane believed would be sorted if I could achieve this position but didn't go into every detail as he didn't want me over thinking things. 

Thanks very much for the top class lesson Shane and thank you for taking the time as it was late into the evening.


David - Scotland


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