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Shankygolf LIVE Lessons

I have been offering online LIVE lessons since 2016 and it really is a great way to improve your game no matter where you are in the world.

Traditionally online lessons have involved you sending swing video clips in for analysis but now I am taking things a step further by offering LIVE online lessons via a video call (Discord, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc) so we are live face to face allowing for real time feedback and interaction wherever you are in the world.


I have students in Canada, Australia, Sweden, America, Turkey, Switzerland, Norway, and of course here in the UK.  All are enjoying great results.


Online lessons work with all abilities, from beginner to seasoned tour player so now there are no excuses for not improving your golf!


This service also works great if you're away on a golf break & struggling with your game and need some urgent help.

It really is just as good as me being with you in person!

Please contact me for more info or to book your first session. 

Introductory Lesson


As a new customer, your first lesson is only

£40 for 45 minutes

We will begin by talking through your destructive shot tendencies and weaknesses. Then watch you hit some shots to identify and help you understand the root cause of those issues.  I will help you make the smallest changes possible to reduce those bad shots while leaving “your swing” DNA in place.


Single Lessons

45 Minutes - £60

For those looking to take their game even further please see the lesson plans below. All of which are designed to maximise your scoring potential and transform your golf.

Lesson prices 2023.png

If you would like to make a bespoke package or would like to discuss these in more detail then please feel free to contact me.

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