Here are some example videos along with a few from my high speed camera

How to get into the Reverse K set up and why it works so well

Some of the tech I use - this was October '15 before the indoor studio was complete and East Anglian Golf Academy is now Shankygolf academy.

Shane High speed from down the line

Recorded at 210FPS

High speed putt


Driver - Woburn Duchess course

iPhone video

Shane High speed front on

Recorded at 210FPS

High speed hybrid impact

210FPS impact

Here is an example of a high speed lesson, side by side comparison
with full analysis and voiceover.
This can be sent to your personal web page at Shankygolf Academy and viewed at any time; a great way to be able to see your progression from the start of your lessons. Videos are also backed up with lesson notes and homework drills to really give you the best possible chance of repeating what we have worked on when you next play.
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