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GC2 In Full Swing!

WOW It's been a fantastic start with the GC2 and I have to say that I'm even more impressed with it than I'd expected, and I was expecting a lot!

The biggest thing is how much easier it's been for my students to adapt to small changes in 'feel' to acheive huge changes in ball data.

Having been using GC2 for just over 2 weeks I have to say you cannot argue with the pure data it provides and as a coaching tool it really is a Game Changer.

Here is an example of a typical improvement during a 30 minute lesson working with 1 club. We can see a dispersion improvement in length from 31 yards down to just 14 and direction from 26 yards down to just 7 yards! This means that you will be hitting more greens and greatly improving your scoring potential.



If you are serious about improving your golf then you really should have a lesson on this.

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