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10 Yard Challenge - number 1

Well my first FREE 15 minute "Gain 10 yards with your Driver challenge" sessions were a pretty good success. 1st person gained 9 yards - not bad considering he's one of my regular students and we'd only worked on this a couple of weeks ago! Went from average of 149 yards carry to 158 with a best of 183 so left very happy. 2nd person gained 16 yards - again he's one of my regular students, although haven't worked on the driver for a little while. Went from average 243 yards carry to 259 with a best of 267 up 20 yards from his previous best!! More impressive was that with the extra length he also left with a left-right dispersion of just 26 yards - down from 51!! I am running these FREE sessions from 3-4 every Sunday in March so if you want to get involved hitting it both longer and straighter send me a message. These sessions are open to all and not just people I already coach.

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