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Some huge gains seen using GC2!

Well it's been a very busy few months with the golf season now in full swing.

The GC2 has been put to good use in helping my students gain yardage, consistency and more importantly a better understanding of how their swing is influencing the ball.

Last week we helped a gentleman 78 years young to gain a massive 42 yards carry in just a one hour session taking his average carry from 112 to 154 yards!! Not only was he hitting longer, he was also hitting "straighter than ever" (his words) as well. This immediately followed by the best round of golf he's played in around 5 years!! No coincidence there then...

Another big thing I've noticed is how most golfers tend to focus more on their misses left and right rather than short and long. This is showing to be the wrong way around on so many occasions with dispersion short/long often being greater than left/right.

The trouble with driving range practise is that it's often very difficult to tell exactly how far the ball has travelled distance wise vs left/right accuaracy so more emphasis is put on the direction. I feel it's something that seperates the single figure players from the mid-high teen handicapper as controllong distance is vital to scoring well - hit the ball 7 yards right but pin high and you're a lot closer than if you hit it on target but 1 club (12 yards) short!

The GC2 will help you understand exactly where you hit the ball and I would strongly recommend a gapping session so that you get to know your distances for each club in the bag.

If you would like a lesson using the GC2 or a gapping session then please contact me - there is no better time than now to start improving your game.

Let's Play Golf!


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