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Amazing results from GC2 + HMT

Here's a before and after screenshot of a student who was struggling with controlling the height of his shots and was really struggling on windy days.

We used the GC2 + HMT to gather initial data and I quickly found the cause of the problem - he was swaying off the ball in the backswing which meant he would often hit from his trail leg therefore presenting too much dynamic loft. This was also leading to an inconsistent strike pattern.

All we worked on was a 'feeling' of being more stacked on his left side throughout the swing which lead to huge improvements to all data.

He was amazed at how the tech made it so easy to understand and this visual along with the obviously improved ball flight gave him so much confidence in what we were working on.

All feedback so far has been incredible and students are leaving astounded at how little needs to be changed in order to produce some fantastic results. The days of hunting for set positions in my coaching are now behind me and I'm now striving to provide real life solutions to real golfers!

Want to change your game? Why not book in for an intro lesson and together we can do just that.


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