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Indoor Studio

The Shankygolf indoor studio at Bramford golf centre is now complete.

You can now see real ball data and play some of the top courses in my recently completed indoor coaching studio. Thanks to the Foresight Sports GC2 + HMT launch monitor, FSX software and over 20 years of coaching experience you are in for a real treat at your next lesson.

One of the great things now is that you can use the very same ball you'd play with on the course so finding your distances has never been easier. We also get to see pure ball and club data that's not affected by the wind or adverse weather conditions.

If you've not yet experienced indoor golf you've been missing out - the game has been changed yet again!!

Don't forget if you're a new customer to Shankygolf your first 1 hour session is only £25!

Let's Play Golf!

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